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2011 Mary Flexner Lecturer: Judith Butler

About the Flexner Book Club

The Mary Flexner Lectureship—established in honor of Mary Flexner, class of 1895—brings notable humanists and scholars to Bryn Mawr College’s campus every other year. Holders of the Mary Flexner Lectureship typically give a series of talks that introduce their unique scholarship and present new chapters or developments in that work. While in residence, they often lead seminars or discussions with undergraduate and graduate students. Lecturers publish their scholarship with Harvard University Press.

The Flexner Book Club Blog—established collaboratively by the Provost’s and Communications Offices—invites faculty, students, staff, alumnae/i, and other interested audiences to become acquainted and engaged with the work of the current holder of the Flexner lectureship. A few core bloggers will serve to get the conversation started (see their bios) and a comments section welcomes all to participate in lively and polite discussion (see the comments guidelines).

The 2011 edition of the Flexner Book Club Blog features the work of Judith Butler. We’ll be reading essays from the Judith Butler Reader, and a round of posts devoted to each essay by the core bloggers will appear every other Friday. The first round of posts about the first essay will be published on Friday, July 22. Comments will remain open throughout the fall semester, so you can join the conversation at any time. More information about the text, schedule, comments, bloggers, and the lectures, can be accessed using the links at the top of every page.