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2011 Mary Flexner Lecturer: Judith Butler

November 10, 2011
by Johanna Gosse
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Whose University?

This week I attended two Flexner-sponsored events, beginning on Monday evening with the first of Butler’s three public lectures. Then, on Wednesday afternoon I attended “Preoccupations: Looking at Pictures with Judith Butler,” a colloquium presented by the Center for Visual … Continue reading

November 10, 2011
by Jessica Lee
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Resettled, still precarious

In her lecture, Gender Politics and the Right to Appear, Judith Butler critiques the structural systems that marginalize and precariatize populations.  Thus, she expands her discursive inquiry to include minority and stateless peoples. Judith Butler’s lecture resonates with my clinical … Continue reading

November 10, 2011
by Elly Truitt
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Being Human

Judith Butler’s inaugural lecture, “Gender Politics and the Right to Appear,” was a scorcher, covering the limitations of later capitalism, the politics of precarity, and the fundamental basis of democracy: the right to appear in public. At the heart of … Continue reading