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2011 Mary Flexner Lecturer: Judith Butler

November 17, 2011
by Jessica Lee
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Public Square

Judith Butler’s discussion of Hannah Arendt’s theory of the “space of appearance” is incredibly timely with the movements happening around the world this year, and with Occupy Wall Street protestors being forced out of Zuccotti Park on Tuesday morning. In … Continue reading

November 17, 2011
by Alexander Brey
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In Defense of Anarchy

On Monday Judith Butler presented what might be the most eloquent defense of anarchism that I’ve ever heard. Butler’s argument is grounded in the fact that in every political entity in existence today, there exists a disparity between the claims … Continue reading

November 10, 2011
by Johanna Gosse
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Whose University?

This week I attended two Flexner-sponsored events, beginning on Monday evening with the first of Butler’s three public lectures. Then, on Wednesday afternoon I attended “Preoccupations: Looking at Pictures with Judith Butler,” a colloquium presented by the Center for Visual … Continue reading